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oh my google! Caroline on Tumblr?!

my name is Caroline. I'm here because Phoebe wants me on here.
Jan 23 '10
"Me: *copies and pastes from Wikipedia* Mari (new eva pilot) has an LCL fetish, making a comment to Shinji, “You smell good… Smell of LCL.” wtf.
Lindsay: LCL? What is that? Lindsay Charlene Limmers? XD
Me: HAHA! That should go on my tumblr. *then re-reads this before she posts it* wait a min, your last name isn’t Limmers! lol.
Lindsay: I know =P I just made that out of LCL
Me: Next time I send you a package I’ll have to spell your last name as Limmers then. Ha ha ha."
Jan 4 '10
"Uncle David (on the phone to my nana): I bought the bus I was talking about this morning!
Nana: God no! Why?! It will be so expensive… you are a driving instructor not a bus driver!!! (Nana starts to panic & enters my bed room): Caroline, he has bought the bus!!!!!
Me: OMG!
Uncle David: I’m joking! I just wanted to hear your reaction
Nana: Oh thank God!!!"
This happened today… haha Uncle David always tries to scare us with his career changes which never happen. Haha.
Jan 4 '10

Soup! A new instrument?


My classmate Chris and I play crosswordpuzzles all the time together whenever we have nothing to do during the study-hours. We just rip them out a newspaper and put them on our books so it looks like we’re studying. We came across one word that had to do with a music instrument. Chris said “Music instrument, four letters…” and I suddenly said quite loud ”SOUP!” and Chris started laughing really hard as I said “What? It was the first word that came into my mind!” and it was quite funny though.

My friend Lindsay’s blond hair is making her be a dumb blonde =( is this why she was telling me last night that she wanted to dye her hair brown again? So, Linds if the instrument soup does exist how do we play on it and what does it look like? I bet it gets very messy!

Jan 3 '10

OMG Twitter Headaches!

Oh no! I have a… Twitter Headache!

A twitter headache is a serious headache given to people who tweet to their friends too much. Suffers may feel like a hammer is hitting into their heads and their eyes will feel like closing like a vampire who can no longer stand the sunlight. They will be yawning as well. Twitter Headaches have been known to be given mainly by a girl named Phoebe. She has magical powers who can make people tweet for hours instead of using MSN. Phoebe’s large tweet count shows how commited she is at tweeting and many are surprised that she does not suffer from Twitter Headaches. A leading researcher in Twitter Headaches as revealed that, “Miss P cannot suffer from Twitter headaches because she has tweeted so much that she is now immune to it.” has noticed the large twitter communication between Caroline and Phoebe. Twitter issued a statement saying that, “We have noticed that in the last few months that C and P have been talking a lot to each other via Twitter. They have been making Twitter go down, leaving other Tweeters frustrated because they cannot tweeted about the songs they have listened to and how they have just done simple tasks. We have tried everything to stop C and P. We even put twitter limits on them but still they were able to tweet! It is mind-blowing!”

MSN has issued a statement revealing that the use of MSN has gone down 100%. “Users are using Phoebe as a role model to ditch their MSN accounts and use twitter as an IM so that they can get a high twitter count like their role model.”

When asked how this Twitter Headache can be cured doctors have revealed that, “The patient needs to log off for some hours to make the headache go away.” but Facebook has fought back by saying, “Come onto Facebook. There is no such thing as a Facebook headache because P and C don’t use it enough… so if you come onto Facebook you will get no headache!”

So will P and C head onto Facebook and leave Twitter behind them? In a statement given to us today Caroline has said, “No way. I’m going to catch up to her tweet count before I give up on Twitter. Why would I use Facebook…? They never tell you how many wall posts you have made… I need a number of a total to keep myself interested.” Facebook have said they will make changes to the site to make Caroline and Phoebe post more on their site!

Jan 3 '10

You know you have one of the most amazing best friends ever when they make you a LiveJournal layout of a character they really dislike! Poor Quinn is disliked by Phoebe for reasons unknown to me and I feel bad for Quinn because she has changed so much during the season. I know she can still be a bitch but she has changed so much and is really trying to be the best person she can possibly be… and she has regretted all of the bad things she has done in her life! Haha, it makes me want to change my msn address to Quinn’s name! Haha! Bye bye Asuka Langley… Haha.

Anyway, thank you Phoebe for being a great best friend! I hope you always know that you mean the world to me even though we cannot always talk! Hopefully one day I will drive to your house like how I did in your birthday story! I hope this tumblr post surprises you!

Jan 3 '10

Reblog if your one!


Reblog if your one!

Dec 20 '09

Me: I like the name Ivan. I had a dream that my auntie had a baby and called him Ivan and I was annoyed cause they always steal the good names!

Nana: Ivan the terrible? That’s a horrible name!

Me: *not impressed cause I have a best friend named Ivan who isn’t terrible at all* LOL.

Dec 20 '09
"Engines with proper funnels do. You’ve only got a small one."
~ Percy from an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine. Who knew Thomas, Percy and his friends talked about that! Haha.
Dec 17 '09

writing, writing, writing!

I’m writing a story right now. I must say it’s fantastic. It could even be better than Phoebe’s 18th Birthday story. Ahh, Phoebe if only you could read my new story now!

Dec 16 '09


(via purplepups)

(& me (Caroline) must add that this is very true!!!)